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Pre-Columbian Gods

Hello, in the following artworks, I’ve worked in a pre-columbian spirit, and tried to adapt my “Manipulated” artwork into aztec or inca graphic shapes. The original sizes has been designed to be printed in a large format in the future, so I’ve done some details captures in view to have something more detailed on screen. …
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African Landscapes II

In the following paintings, I’ve tried to work on the stereotype pictures of african landscapes we all know through many photographers works, with stunning sunsets, peaceful places with sometimes a wild animal like an elephant or a girafe walking in the bush. These kind of works are often highly contrasted to reach an eye-catching result. …
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Manipulated – Marilyn

This is an acrylic painting on canvas, 35x41cm sold during my last exhibition. I wanted to focus the speech on the way the “star system” has evolved. There was no need to find an actual celebrity to speak about the mass manipulation through the star system. Marilyn was to my mind a perfect choice, as …
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A contre-courant

This is an 24x81cm acrylic painting on canvas titled “A contre-courant” (Against The Current). I’ve done this simply to express what a lot of people are feeling in their everyday life facing the intellectual orthodoxy. The paint should flow towards the floor, but the simple fact to reverse the canvas reverse also the meaning of …
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Thanks for your kind support

Hello, I would like to thank all the people who have supported my work during this year, helped me organizing my last exhibition, discussed with me about the meaning of my work, and the way it could evolve in the future. You all have made me progress in my artwork and helped me to have …
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