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Alienation until death

The french medias are in effervescence those last days. Not only focused, as they are for months now, on the main subject that seems to be so much important to french people’s eyes, – I’m talking about gay marriage, proving that radical religious are not so dead, and each day closer to radical conservative political …
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Mind Control

Right time to write this note. I’m not obsessed to publish a large amount of articles with a short time delay, even if a lot of experts recommend to do it to improve the visibility of a website, reach a large audience, etc. This is not my goal here because this website is made to …
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Opening post

Well, I launched this website a few days ago, and updated related links through different services on the web to start promoting it. I hope you will like the part of my artwork I already uploaded, and enjoy the tour. It’s always exciting to launch a new project, knowing that a big part of the …
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