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Chroniques d’Atelain – Tome 3

Hello, there is a very long time I didn't update this blog. As I am, like many artists, facing problems to make a living with art productions, I've spent some months learning new things in another field, far from communication or artistry stuff. It has been a good experience and the opportunity to meet new people specialized in different corporate associations, which have become cool friends, and I feel that I've progressed in my innerself, as the exchanges of view on various subjects have been prolific. I don't know at this point if I will use these new skills in a different job, because the employment in France is still a problem actually, but I had to do it, and I'm glad to have new skills in hands.

I had a request from Pierre Taranzano to colour a drawing for a book cover. It was fun to do and here is the result. I've done maybe 95% of the colouring, and let Pierre add his final touch.

This novel is the third of the series "Chroniques d'Atelain"  and is titled "ETAL-KONTEI" by A. Vieletall. You can find him on his FB: https://www.facebook.com/albeler.vieletall .

I hope you'll like the result, and as usual, share if you like! 🙂

Chroniques d'Atelain - Tome 3


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