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Manipulated – Marilyn

This is an acrylic painting on canvas, 35x41cm sold during my last exhibition.
I wanted to focus the speech on the way the "star system" has evolved. There was no need to find an actual celebrity to speak about the mass manipulation through the star system. Marilyn was to my mind a perfect choice, as she has both been a manipulated woman, and a marketing tool for famous brand. Sadly, even today, a famous perfume brand uses her image to sell their products.

Stars have always been display cases for luxury products that a great part of the population can't afford. I'm still amused seeing people dreaming on the illusory benefits of a system which has been thought to keep them down...
With the growing success of social networks, combined with trash reality TV programs, most continue to think they can reach celebrity without any work or talent.

I sometimes realize that some people are manipulating themselves with this kind of behaviour...

Manipulated - Marilyn

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