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African Landscapes II

In the following paintings, I've tried to work on the stereotype pictures of african landscapes we all know through many photographers works, with stunning sunsets, peaceful places with sometimes a wild animal like an elephant or a girafe walking in the bush. These kind of works are often highly contrasted to reach an eye-catching result. I often like to play with silhouettes with my digital works, and it was interesting to have similar approach with real paint.

The first series I've done haven't satisfied me as they were meaningless to my mind. I wanted to take the opposing view to these clichés, by introducing small items reversing the meaning of the peaceful pictures we use to see, and have another point of view of the fabulous african countries, abandonned to their fate and to the greed of the Western Empires. Even the skies I've painted turn sometimes from vividly sunset colors into something more dramatic.

For sale, all these paintings have been done with acrylic on canvas board. Size: 30x30cm (11¾x11¾in.). Price: 250.00€/piece (shipping included).
If you're interested to buy one, just drop me a word through the contact form.

Vol au dessus d'une réserve d'uranium

Un Nouveau Jour

Le Brasier


Drone En Chasse


A L'Affut

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