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Grumpfh Font in Bow Master Japan

Already September, and still running after time to do loads of administrative tasks. I hate that as I would like to spent more time on private works, but it's like that and there is nothing I can do to avoid this (I'm sure sometimes you're in the same mood).
I plan to do an exhibition of drawings and paintings in November, and hope I'll be ready for that. I will write a note dedicated to this later at the right moment.

You gonna tell me that I'm publishing again a post on the other font I release on MyFonts, but I found a really interesting use of Grumpfh Regular font in Bow Master Japan on Miniclip, developped by Silent Bay Studios (thanks guys for using my fonts!).

I was far from thinking of the use of this font in a japanese context, but it works really fine.
I have been wondering why game designers at Silent Bay Studios have used my fonts, as I'm not a type designer, and the only 2 fonts I released on MyFonts were, to my mind, a first step to better understand the "dark side" of making fonts (fascinating, hooking and relaxing art). I think a part of the answer is (beside the fact that Easy Speech and Grumpfh have their own interesting personality) that I've been attentive to the numbers of signs available in these fonts, and allow the publisher to deliver text content easily in local langages worldwide. Just a supposition, but whatever, here are some screenshots of the Bow Master Japan game to see Grumpfh Regular  in use.

Grumpfh Regular in Bow Master Japan Grumpfh Regular in Bow Master Japan Grumpfh Regular in Bow Master Japan Grumpfh Regular in Bow Master Japan

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