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Freedom And Drones

Hello there!

Busy on side projects, I've not updated this site for weeks. I take the opportunity with this note to thank all the people who have purchased a Shiva t-shirt, I know you've been all happy to get it, and it helped me a lot!

Thanks also to Mila Ryk and his staff for publishing my work in the Special June Digital Art and Photography issue of Art and Beyond.

Today I publish also a digital drawing based on the Statue Of Liberty. It's really a coincidence that I release this on a 4th July. I've been watching to documentaries on the evolution of drone's war, and I'm scared of the future they plan for us.
New full automated drones will be launched next year. To avoid radar jam, the new drones generation will be able to choose targets automatically. This is not sci-fi. This is real. Over 50 countries have purchased these butchers drones... This means that with the path opened by the USA, nobody on this earth is safe. If they have decided, or if the bot has decided that somebody was a threat, he will be simply assassinated without a due trial.

Drones don't kill only the target, they eliminate all the people present in the strike zone, even if innocents. This killing method is just disgusting, it must stop.
And if you think that this problem is not affecting you, because so far, all strikes have been done in far countries, just think that they won't stop here, and will release new generations of bots to survey people in their own cities. Governments are in war, but they are in war against us. No matter they claim to make the world safer: what price will we pay?


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