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July 2013

Easy Speech Font in Free Running 2

My kids, like many, use to play casual games at Miniclip.com. Today, having a look at what game they were playing, I was amused that my Easy Speech font has been used in Free Running 2. It was a really good surprise as it works well with the spirit of the game. Thanks to the …
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African Landscapes

  • African Landscapes

Hello, I don’t know if the storm we are having today has influenced me, but I needed to play with hot colors. I’ve painted a few canvas boards of various sizes, from 10x10cm to 20x20cm. I enjoyed playing with hot orange skies and high contrast on the trees. It reminds me very cool memories, as …
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Freedom And Drones

Hello there! Busy on side projects, I’ve not updated this site for weeks. I take the opportunity with this note to thank all the people who have purchased a Shiva t-shirt, I know you’ve been all happy to get it, and it helped me a lot! Thanks also to Mila Ryk and his staff for …
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