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Alienation until death

The french medias are in effervescence those last days. Not only focused, as they are for months now, on the main subject that seems to be so much important to french people's eyes, - I'm talking about gay marriage, proving that radical religious are not so dead, and each day closer to radical conservative political formations, trying to impose their ideas with no regard for common sense, while there are so many more important subjects that really matters, like uncontrolled unemployment, increasing poverty, housing shortage... - but on the two recent deaths linked to a trash TV program.

This wonderful TV game, like many in other countries, suggests to candidates to go starving on an island, do some "sports" games, and eliminate other candidates each week until there's only one survivor, with a big amount of money as a bonus.
The first time I'v seen this program, I was just back from a few years spent in Africa for work, in a very poor country, and I've been shocked by the fact that while so many people are trying to survive for real everyday, with no water access, no state help, no insurances, etc., on the other side of the planet some people are participating from their own decision into a game where they will know hunger, lack of comfort... Crazy planet.

The goal of such trash entertainment program is clear. On one side, they provide to the audience the feeling that their lives is going well. Looking at a player in the game suffering from hunger, while eating chips well installed in the sofa, provides a security feeling, and the sensation that our way of life is doing well. Really good to place some commercials during the show. And on the other hand, the show destroys the thins social linksĀ remaining in our modern societies, by showing candidates criticizing each others all day, insufflating the seeds of denounciation.
If the companies producing this kind of "tv games" would like to set people against the others, they won't do it differently.

But last week the game has ended on the first day with the death of a player. I won't try to find the truth here, as there are no sufficient informations to tell what really happened at the time I write this note. A death is always sad. But I'm afraid of the incredible alienation some have, not only to watch this kind of program, but to be a part of it, putting their life in danger, taking risks until death. "This was an incredible adventure!" said all the players during years after they end the game. Great! Tell that to the family of this poor guy now.

Of course, newspapers, tv news have made a good use of this death, suggesting during all week the doctor's responsability, in charge during filming the game. They have smeared so much this doctor, that he comitted suicide this week-end. Two deaths in one week for a trash tv program, here is some materials to give to journalists for some weeks.

I have no doubt that the wonderful producers will find another crappy program to replace this notorious one. Advertisers don't care and still need to sell their shits.
But in what world are we living, approving so much stupidity by watching it?
In what world are we living, letting tv's cartels dominating masses at a such point that they can push someone risking his life for an entertainment show?

World has became mad. Seriously.

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