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Mind Control

Right time to write this note. I'm not obsessed to publish a large amount of articles with a short time delay, even if a lot of experts recommend to do it to improve the visibility of a website, reach a large audience, etc. This is not my goal here because this website is made to show a part of my production, and I think that the artworks I release speaks for themselves. If I want to express something, I draw it, and people can find what they want in it, and make their own ideas on what I do.
However, I needed to say something on the few updates I made recently.


This is about the piece "La Fabrique". Since the industrial revolution, the world has become mad. A few people have decided that we all have to follow the rules they established, by producing more and more goods, more and more services,  to go faster, further and higher, all that to fulfill "the needs" of humans.
"Higher". That's the point.
People working in industries are often low paid, stressed, often humiliated and maintained in the fear to lose their jobs. All around the world, managers ask them to do more and more, and in time of crisis (well, all the time, crisis is now permanent since the first peak oil in the beginning of the 70's...) they ask workers to make some sacrifices on their wages, their hours, to save the companies their are working for, to save their jobs... This is endoctrination. This is a lie. I watched again "Modern Times" by Charlie Chaplin last week. This movie is still a modern movie. I see no differences between the workers in 1936 and workers nowadays.
People are still manipulated to be a part of the machine, producing useless products for other manipulated people...


I enjoyed to work on that old family photography. As my grandfather in the middle, was a painter. He gave his passion to my mom, and then to me. This work was important for me, as it is sometimes useful to walk a few steps in the past, to understand who we really are.
When this shot was done, there was no tv, but the bases of the endoctrinment and the seeds of manipulation were already there. This was a time where the doctor, the priest and a happy few, had a strong influence on public opinions. Relayed by a press dedicated to the government lies, a family like my grandfather had was believing in the words "Work, Family, and Nation". There was no escape to those believes, and marginal thinkers were left behind.
Of course, with time things have changed. Mmhh, well, not really if you think seriously about it. I'm afraid that even if the technology as made a great progress, the strong belief that working hard for a company to reach happiness is a lie. I talked about that above. I'm afraid that a lot of people are just repeating the same model as their parents because they really think that their parents have reached happiness with this model, encouraged by hundreds of TV programs. This is a lie. Times have changed, and founding a family is not, to my mind, a key to achieve self-fulfilment.


Pope quits. I don't give a fuck. Seriously, I've been really bored of all that excitment done by the medias on that subject. I've seen people telling me that God will save me when I comment "Bullshit" on some social network on some stupids Pope's declarations that we are all sinners, blah blah blah...
All sinners, come on... And by the way, WHICH GOD? That one who has some paedophiliac priests who raped children in his name? Or that one who order to take weapons against those dogs of infidels. Or that one who has sent people in the streets of Paris a few weeks ago to speak in His Name against gay mariage? We are in 2013, I'm really waiting for the day librarians will classify all your bibles, coran, torah, etc. on the same shelves as Zeus or Athena in the Mythological section.
In 1905, in France, government and church have been separated. How can it be possible that our governments are still publicly taking care of the health of the pope, or what the vatican said... Chirac did, Sarkozy did, even Hollande is still caring to not hurt his religious voters... In other countries, politics do the same thing.
I don't care if you believe in a god. You're free, do what you want, but don't try to go against science, and to put politics and church together because you think that what is written in your religious book is good for society.
We are in 2013! Not in middle-age. Oh and by the way, stop reporting free artists, free thinkers, and atheist accounts on G+ because you are "shocked" on what you see. You're not forced to circle them, you're not forced to read their posts, and there is a "mute" option to preserve your timeline. Reporting such accounts is a very childish attitude.

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