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Opening post

Well, I launched this website a few days ago, and updated related links through different services on the web to start promoting it. I hope you will like the part of my artwork I already uploaded, and enjoy the tour. It's always exciting to launch a new project, knowing that a big part of the work is done, and that there is more work to come.

About Televized series

As I take some time to write those lines, I need to say something about the "Televized" artworks, which I call now "Manipulated" as a friend of mine asked me how and why I was doing them. Whichever way I draw them, with Indian Ink on paper or in Photoshop, I use private photos of me or friends to have a model of which I like the shapes. I use sometimes photos on the net, when I need special positions like a military attitude for example. For now, I'm looking on those creations a minimalist design and clean result, to be focused on the message, to get something eye catching which immediatly talk to the mind.

The fact is that with all those screens around us, TVs, smartphones, tablets, and with the exponential metarmorphosis of the internet, the informations we find in, and the way we interact with those informations through social networks or sharing services, people are changing. A part of me find it very positive because all those shared informations are beneficial to culture and education. It's undeniable that networks help to made big progress  in a lot of sectors of activities like science, health, etc. But there is a dark side of me who is afraid of technology when I see how many are just consuming streaming informations without personal judgement, sharing links by hundreds without any verification, spreading fakes just because they heard that it was the buzz of the moment...
I see so many people around me locked on their real TV programs, taking as truth the news delivered in their tablets, even if the news is totally clashing with the precedent one... I see so many people walking head down on their phones, not paying attention to the real world in which they are moving around. I heard people admitting, at the age of 40, to not have a good memory anymore, saying that their memory is from now on their smartphone... Most appears to me like hypnotized, acting exactly as their apps are talking them to do. Modern zombies in a technologic world.

So my "Televized" and "Manipulated" series are about that, about the relation between humans and medias of all kind. Just something I have in mind at this moment.

About Fine Art America

Some of my works are to sell, and if you followed the links in the lower right corner of some items in the portfolio, you've been redirected to Fine Art America which is the partner I've chosen to take care of my prints. At the time I write those lines, I uploaded just digital works, as my old scanner doesn't give me satisfying results for fine prints. Originals creations will be updated in the portfolio and on FAA as soon as I'll get a better scan.

About my Xoth signature

Why Xoth? Just because this is the artist name I've chosen a long time ago, and under which I'm registered to the ADAGP. This pseudo comes also from H.P. Lovecraft's universe that I really love.

Thanks for your time for reading this and see you later.

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